Doodle Sizes

Our Program now offers such a variety, we categorize each of our Doodle types by weight.

Listed below are the types of Doodles we offer and how we label our adults and planned litters:

Aussiedoodle:                                  Bernedoodle:                                   Goldendoodle:

Toy: 10-19lbs                                     Toy: 20-29lbs                                    Toy:10-19lbs

Mini: 20-29lbs                                   Mini: 30-44lbs                                   Mini: 20-35lbs

Medium: 30-45lbs                            Medium: 45-59lbs                           Medium:(Not Available)       Standard: (Not Available)                 Standard: 60-80+lbs                       Standard:(Not Available)

*We do our best to predict our puppies adult size, coat type, color, & confirmation based on parents and genetics, but we cannot guarantee!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Doodle Coats & Generations Explained
Doodles are adored for their sweet personalities and stuffed animal appearance, but there are many different 'types' or generations of Doodles. With each come different coat qualities and varying degrees of shedding. If you're an allergy sufferer, its important to understand what your options are when considering a Doodle. Mixing dog breeds does not "blend" their genetics, we all carry 2 copies of each gene. 1 from Mom, 1 from Dad. Dogs are no different and the traits they inherit depend on what Mom & Dad have to offer. We have written the descriptions below to help explain what significant genes affect their coats and what our different Doodle crosses offer.

An “F1" is the first generation cross between an Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, or Golden Retriever and a Poodle (50% x 50%). F1s will inherit 1 copy of the shedding coat-type called "improper coat" or IC along with 1 copy of the Poodle's nonshedding coat-type called "Furnishings" or F. This gives F1 puppies a straight or wavy low-shedding coats. They tend to be low-moderate maintenance in terms of grooming. F1's tend to best for those with mild or no allergy concerns due to their unpredictability in how much or little they will shed and how that will affect an individual person's allergies.​ Our Program includes F1 Bernedoodles.

An “F1b” is the cross between an F1 back to a Poodle (25% x 75% Poodle). This cross produces beautiful coats that vary between wavy and curly. Statistically, 50% of the litter will be IC/F like an F1 but with less shedding, and 50% will be F/F and non-shedding. They require frequent brushing and grooming to maintain their soft coats and keep them tangle-free. They can also be cut and styled in a variety of ways. F1B's are generally allergy friendly and recommended for those with moderate allergy concerns. Our Program includes F1b Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles, and Goldendoodles.
“Multi-Gen” describes a Doodle x Doodle cross of F1b or higher. Percentages of each breed can vary depending on the parents. Our program includes Multi-generational Aussiedoodles that are bred with coat quality in mind. We aim to eliminate the IC trait in order to produce the lowest shedding puppies by selectively breeding our best females to the highest quality males. We constantly strive to improve the coat, color, conformation, and temperament of our Doodle lines. Our goal is to produce puppies that are F/F and non-shedding. Excellent for those with more serious allergy concerns. 

"Double Doodles" are the result of crossing 2 different types of Doodles. They can be a combination of any Doodle cross and generation. This can produce very unique and desirable puppies when done to the same standard and planning as the above-mentioned generations. Our Program includes the Aussiedoodle/Bernedoodle AKA "Aussie-Mountain Doodles" & the Aussiedoodle/Goldendoodle AKA "Aussie-Golden Doodle". 

MINIMAL white markings

on feet, tail, chest, or face

About Our Doodles

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What the heck is a Doodle?

The term "Doodle" refers to a cross between a purebred Poodle and another purebred breed, a Poodle bred to a Doodle, or a Doodle bred to another Doodle. Through selective breeding, these crosses can create truly remarkable companions with coat and temperament qualities superior those those of the original breeds.

Doodles are considered a "designer breed" because although they do not participate in Dog Shows and are not recognized by Dog Registeries such as AKC, they are bred for a purpose and have grown exponentially in popularity because of their wonderful qualities. Some of the most successful and desirable Doodle crosses that we've chosen to breed are the Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd/ Poodle), & the Bernedoodle (Bernese Mtn Dog/Poodle.) We are now crossing Doodle varieties to further perfect structure coat health and temperament with the Aussie-Mountain Doodle (Aussiedoodle/Bernedoodle), the Aussie-Golden Doodle (Aussiedoodle/Goldendoodle), and others as well! 


What makes OUR Doodles special?

You may be wondering... couldn't you "doodle" any dog? And while technically the answer is yes... theres a lot more to it than just Poodle + Dog = Fabulous Puppies. Its important to remember that not every purebred dog is an excellent example of the breed, and health, coat, and color genetics are complicated! Therefore we are very selective in our breeding choices. The best puppies start with the best parents and extensive health and genetic testing is a MUST!

     Health is the foundation on which we begin our breeding program. We DNA test each of our Moms and Dads for inherited diseases including Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), MDR1, and Progressive Retinol Atrophy (PRA) to name a few. Good genetics go way back! Many of the purebred parents that make up our Doodles come from Champion lines or are Champions themselves! Doodles also have the benefit of Hybrid Vigor- the tendency of a crossbred individual to show qualities superior to those of both parents. Increasing the genetic diversity of a dog along with testing breeding age adults can drastically reduce the chances of a puppy having preventable hereditary problems like hip dysplasia. All of our parents have their hips x-rayed and evaluated by OFA (the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). We guarantee all of our puppies for a full 2 years!

     Next on our list of criteria is temperament and intelligence. Poodles Aussies & Berners are among the most intelligent, loyal, loving, & family friendly breeds. Each Doodle cross excels as companions in their own special way. We carefully select only the most even tempered, sweet natured, and trainable dogs and puppies for our breeding program. As a professional dog trainer of 15 years, trainability is very important to me. Our puppies are often described as Puppy Einsteins!

     Next is coat quality. Aussiedoodles Bernedoodles & Goldendoodles are more successful in early generations because all foundation breeds have long soft coats. In addition to health, we also DNA test our parents for coat color and quality traits. We are proud to offer a gorgeous variety of colors and markings in our puppies. We specialize in Tricolor and Merle. Coat types range straight to wavy to curly depending on generation and combination of traits. Any litter with an IC carrying parents can vary slightly in the degree of shedding but most families report NO noticeable shedding. Our multigen litters are almost completely non-shedding! This makes our puppies very well suited for families with allergy concerns. We've had outstanding feedback on our puppies!

NO white markings

White markings on Face, Chest & Collar, Feet, & Tail in classic Aussie & Bernese pattern

Doodle Colors and Patterns

Our Doodle puppies come in many beautiful varieties! By DNA testing all our dogs for color traits, we are able to predict the many possible colors and patterns in each of our litters. We created these custom Color Charts to show you what they are! Most of these apply to Aussiedoodles only, but our Bernedoodles & Goldendoodles will be many of these same colors and patterns! 

Sunny Ridge Doodles

At least 50% white markings

in broken patches across body