Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to breed Doodles?

Simplest answer, they're AMAZING. I've been a dog trainer for 15 years with additional professional background in Grooming, Vet, Animal Behavior, & Pet Resort/Daycare Management. I have hands on experience with every breed of dog in America and have seen the vastness of their behaviors including ways they excel and problems their owners face. I also owned and operated my own private Rescue & Training program - Come Sit Stay K9 Adoptions for 5 years before breeding my own dogs. I applied my knowledge and experience with dogs to produce what I believe are the best family pets who are intelligent, dependable, social, and be as healthy as possible. We started with Aussiedoodles who are by far the most trainable of our Doodles and added Bernedoodles & Goldendoodles who are lovable sweethearts. As we progress into our own Multigenerational lines, we are combining the best with the best by mixing doodle varieties to blend and fine tune their amazing qualities. All our puppies are kid friendly and Therapy & Service Dog capable plus allergy friendly!

Where do you raise your puppies?

Health and safety are a top priority. Therefore, we raise all our litters indoors. They are whelped and raised right in our kitchen where we can oversee the care their moms provide and begin handling and socializing them early. At 4 weeks old they move out of the whelping box and into our larger indoor play area. This is when they eat their first solid food and begin litterbox training! We work as a family, all 4 of us sharing in the full time care our puppies receive. Our kids adore the puppies and spend as much time as they want handling and socializing them. 

Whats the difference between Aussiedoodles & Bernedoodles?

Its important to remember that each dog is an individual and that nature and nurture both play a strong role in shaping your Doodle. Most of our Doodles are approx 50-75% Poodle but each Doodle type has their own special qualities. Aussiedoodles tend to be more active (not "hyper") and are highly trainable. They are clever and need an owner who is invested in developing a solid relationship with their dog through training and time spent together. The term "high drive" is used often to describe Australian Shepherds but not all of our Aussiedoodles come from working lines and the drive is greatly diminished after multiple generations. Bernedoodles tend to be more laid back and can be less interested in advanced obedience. They're a more mild mannered, sweet and goofy companion great for all ages & lifestyles. Both are fantastic with children and other animals when properly socialized. 

Do I get to come meet the Puppies before choosing one?

***Due to COVID19 social distancing recommendations, we have suspended all in-person pick appts.

YES! We offer Pick Day appointments at our home. These invitations are EXCLUSIVELY for our waitlist families who are choosing their puppy and take place when puppies are approx 6 weeks. Families not on our paid waitlist can choose their puppy using photos and video chat. We do not offer any visits with our puppies or adult dogs to the public. The privacy and safety of our family comes first. Anyone looking to gain more information about our dogs or Doodles in general are encouraged to follow our Instagram @sunnyridgedoodles, join Facebook Doodle Owners groups, and join local Doodle groups on their Doodle Romps & Meetups.

What products do you recommend?

We feed our adults and puppies Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 (chicken, all life stages) dry food.

We strongly recommend not changing your puppies food for the first couple of months to avoid unnecessary stress on their digestive system during transition & potty training. Afterwards, we suggest using to find a quality alternative. Other products we recommend are puppy gates & playpens (4x4 - 6x6 size areas to start), those interested in continuing with the already established litterbox routine can get a plastic rabbit tray & pine pellet litter/bedding, a small-medium metal crate, 1/2 inch wide adjustable collar (no tags right away, they're bothersome), 4-6ft leash, adjustable harness for Doodles expected to mature under 20lbs (not recommended for training puppies), ceramic or metal food & water dishes (NO plastic).

Items included in each Puppy Pack are 6lb bag of food, slicker brush, metal comb, toys, blanket, hoof chews, probiotics, and paperwork. Feel free to contact us with questions about other products!

.....More FAQs coming soon! Please submit suggestions to us via email.


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