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Buying a Sunny Ridge Puppy


Once a litter is 4-6 weeks old, individual photos and prices will be posted on our Nursery page. Until then we can only offer an estimated price range and do not guarantee the price of a puppy until determined by us. Pricing is affected by coat quality, color, & generation.   *Prices subject to change as our program develops.

Aussiedoodles:  $3,000 - $5,000 (Colors include: Black Chocolate Red & Sable Bicolor + Tricolor + Merle) 

Bernedoodles$4,000 - $6,000 (Colors include: Red/White, Chocolate & Black Tricolor + Merle)

Sheepadoodles:  COMING SOON  (Chocolate Tricolor)

Aussie-Mountain Doodles:  $4,000 - $6,000 (Colors include: Black & Chocolate Tricolor + Merle)

Aussie-Golden Doodles:  $3,000 - $5,000 (Colors include: Bicolor, Tricolor + Merle)

Goldendoodles:  $3,000 - $5,000​ (Colors include: Red/White, Chocolate & Black Tricolor + Merle)

​*Pet Prices ONLY* Please contact us for Breeding Rights.



*NEW* We have started an Instagram exclusively for approved families! @SunnyRidgeDoodle.Puppies

Once your Puppy Application is approved, you can either watch our Puppy & Wait List pages for updates, OR request to follow our new Instagram account to get immediate updates on wait list openings and available puppies. Due to increased demand for our puppies, these are available on a first come first serve basis. We will add new litter wait lists as we determine our breeding plans throughout the year. Wait lists will be open and deposits accepted at our discretion. Additional information & instructions will be provided to approved applicants.


When puppies are born, we will update our Wait List & Puppy pages, open additional wait list spots if possible, and contact families who have already placed a deposit on that litter. Deposits to claim a pick # or an individual puppy are $500. At 4 weeks old, updated photos and details will be posted for each puppy along with their price. Pick Day for each litter takes place when they are 6 weeks old. No additional deposit is required at that time. Each family is scheduled for their pick appointment at an assigned time based on their wait list pick number. WE HAVE RECENTLY MOVED and all puppy selections will be by photo and video.

Remaining balance is due in full on Take Home Day (8 weeks old).​

***We accept PAYPAL & VENMO for deposits & CASH ONLY for remaining balance. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


We are now offering an opportunity for 1 family per litter to reserve the 1st pick after Breeder Reserve(s).

The Golden Puppy is a great option for families who want a very specific doodle or have time constraints. Skip the wait and reserve your dream puppy for an additional $1,000. This option may not be available for every litter. If the Golden Puppy option is not reserved by Pick Day, the family in 2nd pick position automatically gets to pick 1st. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

***This option is only available AFTER a litter is born, and it always offered to paid deposit holders first.

We take great measures to assure the wellness of our puppies before they leave our home, and that they will remain healthy once they enter yours. Each puppy is vaccinated at 5 & 8 weeks old, dewormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks, Microchipped, and examined by our veterinarian within 48 hours of scheduled go-home day. Our parent dogs each have a cardiac exam, their hips & eyes (some elbows as well!) evaluated by the OFA, and are DNA tested for 160+ life-altering, life-threatening and completely AVOIDABLE genetic conditions.

We are confident in the health of our puppies and offer a 24 month Guarantee for hereditary/genetic Heart, Hip, & Eye conditions + life-threatening congenital defects. 

All our puppies are sold as PETS ONLY with a Spay/Neuter agreement included in our contract. We require our puppies be altered between 6-10 months old, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in advance. Breeding Rights are available to approved programs at an additional cost with a modified reproductive Health Warranty and our continued support.


The health & safety of our dogs, puppies, and our Family comes first! Therefore, We DO NOT accommedate requests to tour our home, meet our adults, or visit our litters. We raise our puppies in our home & many of our adult dogs live in Guardian Homes. Puppy appointments such as Take Home Day are exclusively for families with an approved Puppy Application and paid deposit. We have to be very cautious about communicable diseases spread by dogs and people in contact with dogs. These pose a great a risk to our puppies and expecting moms. Unfortunately, theft is a very real danger as well. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we aren't comfortable working with. We appreciate your understanding!

We love to share photos & stories of our dogs and puppies on Instagram! @sunnyridgedoodles


Our puppies are available to anyone in the continental US. However, we DO NOT offer shipping. Shipping an 8 week old puppy via airline cargo service subjects them to unnecessary stress, and we prefer to personally hand our puppies to their new families. Therefore, we require all buyers to pick up in person at our home in Temecula, CA. Pickup at San Diego Airport & Flight Nanny service may be available upon request.



Every Doodle puppy and their new family will

receive a gift bag to take home. This includes:

     SRD Reusable Shopping Bag

     6lb bag of Food (Purina Pro Plan Sport)

     Blanket (with moms scent)

     Slicker Brush & Metal Comb

     2 Hoof Chews

     3 Toys


     Complete Medical Records, photos, & more!

Sunny Ridge Doodles


We want to make sure our Doodles are a good fit for your family! If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, you can get started by filling out a Puppy Application for your preferred Doodle cross. Once approved, we will send additional info & Deposit payment instructions via email. Please take the time to review the information on this page as well as our new FAQS page!